Tips to Hiring Temporary Seasonal Employees for Your Business

Tips to Hiring Temporary Seasonal Employees for Your Business

In a world where the economy is constantly in flux, hiring temporary seasonal employees may be the solution to your staffing problems. Hiring temps can help to alleviate any staffing problems you might have and save your company money by not having to hire full-time workers. Here are some strategies on how to hire temporary seasonal employees.

Why should you hire a temp for your business?

Temporary employees may be useful in many instances. During busy times of the year, you’re able to hire these temporary workers to help with the influx of customers and business. They are also less expensive to hire as they will only work for a certain period of time, unlike full-time or part-time employees.

When Should You Hire A Seasonal Employee?

There are a few key times when it might be a good idea to hire a temporary employee. One is during busy seasons when extra help is needed to keep up with demand. If you’re a retail store then this time maybe around Christmas when people are trying to get their Christmas shopping done. Temporary employees can also be hired during times of transition, such as when your company is expanding. If you are short-staffed, a temp can help to cover the workload until you are able to find a permanent employee.

Tips to Hiring Temporary Seasonal Employees

Now let’s get into the tips.

1. Consider Using Screening Tools for High-Volume Hiring

Businesses that are considering hiring seasonal employees usually need them fast. So manually going through each resume and qualifying them for the position can take up a lot of time. Instead, consider using a screening tool that will automatically go through the applications and choose which ones are.

2. Ask Your Employees

This is pretty simple but use your employees as a resource! Ask them if they would know anybody who would be right for the job. Not to mention pre-existing associates make for a happier team

3. Only Interview Candidates Who Are Looking For Seasonal Work

This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how often businesses tend to forget to let the candidate know that it is a seasonal position. Make sure it is clear in the job description that the position is temporary.

4. Look For Candidates Who Are Looking For Job At The Same Time Next Year

If your business hires seasonal employees every year try to identify candidates who are looking to work at the same time next year. This will save you a lot of time for the next time as you’ll know if the employee is available. Plus you’ll know that they’re good workers as you’ve previously hired them.

5. Have a Smooth Onboarding Process

Like we mentioned above you’ll most likely want to get your seasonal hires started right away. But more often than not what delays the process is the onboarding time. All the papers, probation periods, and training can take up a lot of time. Consider reducing the onboarding process for seasonal hiring so you can get your workers working as soon as possible.

6. Interview Candidates in Groups

Speaking of trying to speed up the hiring process, consider group interviews. This will be especially to see how the candidates interact with each other. You’re able to evaluate their communication and collaboration skills.

7. Offer Benefits or Perks

A good way to stand out against the crowd is to offer your seasonal employees benefits or perks. Most seasonal employees don’t get any benefits so just having this will really make you stand out.

Seasonal employees can be a great solution for your company because they are less expensive to hire. The tips we’ve provided should help you get started thinking about how hiring temporary seasonal employees may make sense for you and your company in order to prepare for future growth, expansion, or just simply meeting demand when it increases every year!

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