How to Tailor Your Resume to Fit a Job Description

How to Tailor Your Resume to Fit a Job Description

It’s no secret that job seekers need to tailor their resumes to fit each job they apply for. This is a great way to show the employer that you are a perfect fit for the role. In today’s blog post, we’ll tell you how to tailor your resume to fit a job description, as well as discuss four tips. Let’s get started!

Should You Tailor Your Resume To A Job Description

The first question you might ask yourself is should you tailor your resume? The answer is yes. It is time-consuming, especially if you’re applying to multiple jobs, but worth it. More often than not, an HR professional isn’t reading all the resumes. Most companies have computers that screen resumes for keywords before an actual person sees them. So it’s important that you take the time and include those keywords in your resume.

How to Tailor Your Resume To Fit A Job Description

Step 1: Highlight all skills and experience you find

The first thing you’ll want to do is go through the job description and highlight all the required skills and experience. Next, you’ll want to find the specific keywords in those skills. For example, if you see this in a job description:

“monitor guest experience and ensure consistent highest standard service at all times”

the keywords you’ll highlight are “highest standard service” and

Step 2: Match your skills and experience to the keywords

After you have highlighted all the skills and experience required in the job, it’s time to match them up with your own.

Step 3: Update your resume

Now that you have all the skills and experience matched up with the correct keywords, it’s time to use them in your resume. Start by putting them in your professional summary, followed by listing them as skills and experience. You can also use them in your cover letter.

Step 5: Monitor your online presence

The last step is just extra, but you also want to make sure you monitor your online presence. Sometimes employers will search for you online before they interview you. Make sure the results are positive and that you’re representing yourself in the best light.

4 Tips to Better Tailor Your Resume To A Job Description

1. Don’t be afraid to change up the formating

You want the first thing the hiring manager sees on your resume to be extremely relevant. So if you need to change the format of your resume in order to accommodate it, do it! For example, you might have originally had soft skills at the top of your resume, but if the job you’re applying for relies heavily on technical skills such as coding, then moving your technicals to the top of your resume.

2. Try dropping your resume in a word cloud generator to see what words come up the most

If you’ve never heard of a word cloud generator before, it’s a tool that takes all the text from a document and creates a graphic representation of it using different words. The more common the word, the larger it will appear, the less common the word, the smaller it will appear. This will give you a really good idea of what your resume is focusing on.

3. Add numbers for a spotlight effect

If you want to draw attention to specific skills, add numbers. For example, don’t just write “customer service experience” write “decreased customer complaints by 15% through tailored customer service”. It gives the skill a lasting effect.

4. Ask a friend to read it

You can also ask a friend to read it and see if they can pull the key information from your resume. Allow them to compare your resume to the job description. Are they able to see why you’re applying and why you’re the right fit? If so, great! If not, then you’ll need to do some more work.

It’s important to tailor your resume when applying for a job. You want the hiring manager or HR professional who reviews it to see why you are qualified and how you would fit in with their company culture! If you’re looking for a job, feel free to send us your resume, and we’ll see if we have any positions that could be a right fit!