Flexible Staffing

3PL Inc.’s Flexible Staffing option is best utilized during peak production periods, emergencies, for special projects or to facilitate vacation relief.   This option is normally used when assignment duration is estimated to be less than twelve weeks in length.

Flexible to Permanent

3PL Inc’s Flexible to Permanent option is ideal, should a workforce expansion be planned.  This option allows clients to view and work with employees and vice versa, for an extended period of time. This program is essentially an on-the-job evaluation that allows both client and the employee an opportunity to determine the feasibility of a long-term commitment

Permanent Placement

3PL Inc’s Permanent Placement option is best used should or when you wish to hire an employee directly onto your payroll without any compensation paid from 3PL Inc. to the employee.

Payroll Referral

3PL Inc.’s Payroll Referral option is designed for clients who wish to minimize costs associated with direct hires and to allow for the benefit of utilizing any of 3PL Inc.’s service options, all applications and resumes are forwarded to and administered by 3PL Inc..  All referral applicants, selected and enrolled with 3PL Inc. as a direct result of referral are considered exclusively and billed at a discounted rate.

Master Vendor

3PL Inc. is a firm dedicated to competition by co-operation and participates in master vendor programs, secondary supplier arrangements and agency networking amongst its peers. 3PL Inc.'s value added Master Vendor Program is designed to maximize talent acquisition and efficiency, while minimizing attrition and costs.  3PL Inc. works in conjunction with its secondary suppliers to facilitate its Master Vendor programs and also works with its peers currently contracted under Master Vendor agreements, assisting them in facilitating daily order fulfillment requirements.